Here we go

So I had my follow-up with the GI doc yesterday. He is a celiac specialist, having studied under Dr. Peter Green at the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia. He was young, energetic and deeply committed to treating celiac.

What he told me was that I am on the more severe end of the celiac spectrum and that it’s time for my new life to start. I told him I had stopped eating gluten last week (save for one flub on Sunday that I paid for all. day. yesterday). So I guess it’s on.

Since I’m completely compulsive about things, I know I will get through this with flying colors. The official diagnosis was not unexpected at all, but hearing it in black and white was still a touch overwhelming. Luckily, I have a great support system in place with a wonderful husband, amazing friends, and an incredible family that knows nothing about celiac, but wants to learn.

I feel really grateful to everyone in my life. You guys have been so compassionate and understanding and supportive as I’ve continued to get sicker over the last few months, and all through the trials of getting this diagnosis. And I’m grateful to all the restaurants out there who aren’t going to treat me like a pariah; who will hand me a gluten-free menu with a smile and tell me all about your amazing flourless cake, or your organic gluten-free soy sauce, and who will gently steer me away from that incredible-sounding satay skewer because you’re not certain it’s gluten-free and you don’t want me to get sick. Thank you all for making my life easier.