Is this seriously happening?

So the husband and I took the ferry over to Bainbridge yesterday to poke around the island and look at a few homes. Since I work in SODO and the hubs will be working from home, the commute for us wouldn’t be a problem. We like the idea of the isolated, private life on the island. So we checked out a few places… and our crush on the island began.

The first place we looked at was pretty adorable. Hubs liked it, but I wasn’t super impressed. The floorplan didn’t really work for me. The kitchen was tiny, the living room was tiny, and putting a dining room table in the dining space would have completely disrupted the traffic pattern. Plus it was pretty much on top of the other neighbors, and on a busy street. Pass.

House number two was a total horror show. It smelled bad, it basically needed a gut reno, and the house owners seriously need to watch HGTV for a day. There was furniture and clutter crammed into every possible square inch of the house. And lots of books on Nazis. The whole place just had kind of a weird vibe. Plus, driving in to the house, we got to pass by an old ’70s Camaro on a flatbed truck. Fantastic.

House number three was cute, new construction. I don’t generally care for new construction, but we decided to give it a look-see anyway. The homes in the area are total cookie-cutter places and while adorable, not really my thing. Again, the hubs liked it, but I just felt like something was missing. The realtor and the spouse both asked what, but I honestly couldn’t articulate it. I just knew it wasn’t right.

The fourth place was damn-near perfect. It’s priced at the absolute top of our range, but it’s a foreclosure and the listing agent told our realtor they’re open to offers. It’s been on the market for quite some time. There’s a ton of land, a beautiful deck, and a completely renovated first floor. The second floor needs work, but nothing we can’t handle. We really kind of love the place, and can totally imagine living there.

Reality is, the place needs a new roof, a new decking eventually, new appliances and a fair amount of cosmetic work upstairs. So we’re realistically looking at probably $20k of work. But the house is totally livable.

So now we’re considering writing an offer, and we’re scheduling a second showing. Is this seriously happening? Are we really thinking about buying a house? I just can’t quite wrap my brain around this yet.

Also, the main selling point of Bainbridge? Mora ice cream. Hell yes.