I turned 32 yesterday. Every 6-7 years my birthday falls on Grouper Mole Sunday, which isn’t ideal for getting friends together and not being distracted by TV. So instead, I opted for a night out drinking Saturday night with my friends. We had a good time, and I imbibed liberally, thus leading to Grouper Mole Sunday hangover of death. Even so, we had an awesome time and I again remembered why I only drink like once or twice a year. Oof.

Still no news on the house front. The hubs and I are heading over after work today to walk through it again and take some better pictures. Hopefully we’ll get some news someday, haha. Otherwise we’ll eventually find something else. At least we know the local housing market hasn’t completely bottomed out. The house two doors down from us is currently for sale. It’s a beautiful brick Tudor with the world’s smallest kitchen. They had an open house on Saturday, so we checked it out. Cute place. Too bad it’s about $160k above our price range. And this is why we can’t buy in our neighborhood.

I’ve been having some tummy trouble lately, but I think it’s due to lactose intake. I have been a very bad girl and I’ve been eating as much cheese and other dairy as I’ve wanted. Time to cut that out again. It’s just that I love cheese so much! And sour cream. And butter. Oh for the love of dairy!!

And I got a new betta fish! Well, sort of anyway. I bought him from a breeder in Arkansas and he will be shipped to me this week. I can’t wait to see my new fish friend! I opted to go with a fish from a breeder this time for two main reasons:
1. I would know exactly what I was getting. The fish (theoretically) will be healthier, and the breeder can give me specific info about the fish (how old he is, etc.)
2. I didn’t want to “reward” a big chain pet store for treating their fish poorly by buying another fish from them. On the one hand, I want to rescue every betta from a miserable life inside a small container with dirty, toxic water and no quality of life. On the other hand, buying a fish from one of those places makes me feel like I’m condoning their stocking/selling behavior and I definitely don’t want that. It’s like buying from a puppy mill vs. a reputable breeder (although I’d opt for the shelter every time).

So I went with the breeder. And yes, I paid a bit more, but it’s worth it to me to get a happier, healthier, better-quality fish that will hopefully live a very long time. I’ll post pics as soon as he arrives and gets settled in his new home!