Let me let me update you

Two weeks have gone by since I last posted and I guess I needed the break.

No word on the house yet, to no one’s great surprise.  We know it could be several months until we hear something.  Most of the time it doesn’t bother me to wait it up, but yesterday it really got under my skin that we hadn’t heard anything.  Plus today’s news that the housing market in Seattle may yet fall another 25% before it’s all said and done.  It makes me a little skittish, but again, I’m a total commitment-phobe, so I guess this is to be expected.

I’ve been gluten-free for seven weeks now.  The GI issues have more or less been resolved now, which is awesome.  I’m limiting my dairy intake as well, and I’ve added a pro-biotic supplement to my daily regimen.  Unfortunately my weight has completely ballooned.  I know this is not unexpected, but it’s a bit disheartening.  I also know it means that my body is healing itself and absorbing nutrients, all of which will make me a healthier girl, but it still sucks.  I’ve been waiting for the exhaustion to subside a bit more before I start going to the gym, but since I’m starting to lose hope on that front, I think I’m going to start going to the gym anyway.  Maybe tomorrow.

My little betta fish died last week.  He had been sick for a few weeks.  I had been treating him with broad-spectrum antibiotics, but he wasn’t improving.  Finally, I went for the extreme last-ditch effort to try to drain the fluid from his swollen belly.  Unfortunately he didn’t survive the procedure.

In an effort to figure out what may have killed him, I cleaned his tank and left it running (filter, heater, everything) and tested all its levels this morning.  pH was a smidge high (but not dangerously high), and the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels were zero.  So the tank is healthy. Whatever killed poor Nagano apparently wasn’t due to my fish-keeping ability, which makes me feel a little bit better.  I miss his little antics next to me at my desk at work.  I’ll probably get a new fish soon… It was nice to have the company in my cube.  Plus his tank just looks so empty and desolate without a little fishy dancing in there.

I’ll try to keep this a bit more updated in the future. Bad me.


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