Snow Day and other happy things

We’ve got our first snow day of the last 370-something days today in Seattle.  There are about four inches of snow on the ground at my place and it’s still falling at a steady clip.  My work is closed, as are many other businesses.  I’ve got a cup of coffee and purring kitties, so I’m a happy girl.  I, like many other Seattleites, am hoping for another snow day tomorrow.  [[fingers crossed]]

The hubs and I spent the weekend visiting some friends in San Fran, where we were treated to wonderful, clear weather, great food, lots of booze, karaoke, Cards Against Humanity, redwoods, mystery houses and some of the best company around.  We had a great time and I managed to stay gluten-free, although I was very seriously tempted by this amazing-looking dinner roll that came with my meal at Tommy’s Joynt.  In the end, I managed to avoid the bread (thanks for hiding it from me, y’all).

Finally, I’m starting to see some changes for the better.  I added a probiotic supplement to my daily regimen of vitamins and minerals, and have now been gluten-free for over a month.  My GI issues are definitely improving, and overall I feel less tired and run-down, which is awesome.  I’ve also severely limited the amount of dairy I consume and I have been feeling lots better.  I’m still dealing with some issues, but things are definitely improving.

The offer we made on the 1913 Craftsman in West Seattle was accepted by the seller!  Since it’s a short-sale, the whole thing has to go to the bank for approval now, but hope springs eternal, so we’re waiting it out.  We really love the place and we hope the bank agrees to the selling price.

Hopefully this will soon be ours.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the company of cats, blankets, hot coffee and the hubs. Here’s to a great 2012!


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