24 days and counting

I’ve been gluten-free for 24 days now. I think I expected to be feeling 100% better by now, so not feeling 100% better has been a bit of a disappointment to me. I now realize that expectation was likely unrealistic, but so many people start feeling better immediately! Not me. Lame.

Last week was utterly brutal. I wound up working from home much of last week, as my GI issues were out of control. The weekend brought more of the same, but I am very glad that this week has been much better. I’m still exhausted, but I expect a great deal of the fatigue is actually due to my annoying inability to fall asleep/stay asleep this week. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but it sure is sucky.

Another odd thing is happening. I had read on the interwebz (and was excited) that many Celiacs lose weight upon stopping gluten. Since I’ve gained about 45 pounds in the last decade, I was thrilled to experience this particular side effect. Of course, I also wasn’t a skinny Celiac, so again, my expectations may have been unfair. I’ve actually somehow GAINED weight, which I personally think is a total load of malarkey. I’m eating cleaner and healthier than before, with no fried foods, very little in the way of processed food or sweets and I’m gaining weight. It’s bullshit, and I have no idea how it’s physically possible.

I want to believe all this weight will start to disappear as my intestines heal, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

On the flipside, I’ve been poisoning my body for who-knows-how-many years by feeding it gluten, so I guess it’s asking too much to expect my body to repair itself in a matter of days or weeks. [sigh] I just hate this whole process and wish I could skip to the whole “look how healthy and awesome I am now” part.

I was relieved to get the diagnosis, but I’ve been really bummed out about this for the last several days. I try my best to stay positive and know that things will get better, but some days are harder than others, and maybe I don’t want to be strong all the time. Celiac sucks.


2 thoughts on “24 days and counting

  1. Yes, it does suck sometimes, doesn’t it? Just in case you don’t see the reply I left you regarding your comment on my post. I will also include it here. You asked what I took to help the gluten symptoms if you accidentally eat gluten. I don’t take anything but on reading other blogs, Gluten Ease has helped others. Like the person on this blog, I’m not vouching for / recommending them either but I have read other blogs where people say these are worth trying. http://glutenfreepdx.wordpress.com/2010/05/13/gluten-enzyme-pills-a-temporary-fix/

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