Smelling like a rose

The job offer came this morning.  It’s slightly lower than I had wanted, but not so low that it was a deal-breaker.  I accepted.  My contract gig is now a full-time job, no small matter in this ridiculous economy.  And best of all, there’s not going to be any gap in our health insurance, which is awesome, especially in light of recent events.

Our elder statesman cat woke us up at least 3-4 times last night.  He’s almost 19 and I think he’s starting to lose his sight.  He’s generally such a sweet cat, so on the rare occasion he acts like a total dick, we tend to forgive him.  Despite what can only be called a rough night’s sleep, I have more energy today than I have had in quite some time.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still exhausted, but I feel less like I got run over by a truck, then backed over again.  The tummy is still rather upset (no details), but there’s a massive psychological difference between “oh my god I’m going to be sick forever because no one knows what’s wrong with me” and “at least this will only happen for another few weeks because we know what’s wrong and we’re fixing it.”  It’s pretty amazing the change in just five days.

On tap for the weekend: looking at another house, working a basketball game, baking my first loaf of gluten-free bread, and celebrating my “new” job. Can’t wait.


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