Inching closer

I guess things are progressing.  Only a few more days until my biopsy, which is awesome, given the misery I’ve been experiencing the last few days.  I won’t describe it, but it’s been bad.  Bad,

My job is going to go full-time in just over a week, which is awesome news.  I’ve been a contract worker in various places for the last two years, and this is the first FT gig I’ve had since October 2009.  I love my job and my boss, so this is all really good.  Hooray!

And we’ve set up a second showing of the house we’re crushing over.  In the five days since we last saw the place, there still haven’t been any offers, so we’re hopeful we’ll be the first.  We’re also hopeful that we’ll be able to make a semi-low-ball offer and have it accepted.

We’ve been daydreaming about this house, and we’re pretty excited.  We would have a little over twice as much space (we currently live in about 800 square feet), a big yard, and a huge, amazing kitchen.  And a fireplace.  Basically the only thing we’re unsure about is the location.  Can we make the commute?  Do we want to?  I think it would be an adjustment, but we’d make it work. 

Stay tuned.  Maybe we’ll make an offer Saturday!


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