I’m new here.

I’ve started this blog as a way to help my family and friends back east experience my life here in Seattle.  My husband and I moved here a little over three years ago, and while we’d like to move back east, we know our future (at least for now) is here.  So we’ve committed to staying here for at least the next 3-5 years, much to the chagrin of our families and east coast friends.

We currently live in a cute rental house in N. Seattle, built in 1918.  We love its quirks and character, but we’re strongly considering buying our first place, now that we know we’re staying.  He’s a published author, I’m a dilettante with an awesome job working for a Seattle-based company.  We’re the parents/slaves of three cats and I also keep a work fish at my cube (adorable!)

I’m undergoing testing for celiac… So far, blood tests are off the charts.  My biopsy to confirm is coming up soon.  Meanwhile, I’m binging on wheat products and feeling like a foggy zombie.

So this blog will chronicle our house search, my celiac (or gluten intolerance… whichever it is), crafts, food, various projects, the cats, stuff I hate, etc.  Hope you all enjoy the ride.  I’m trying to.


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